Most of the health care facilities are using hand written patient records and don’t have money to spend on computerization. Computerization improves flow of patients, efficiency, improves quality of care and increases revenue. MHI EMR assists healthcare providers to computerize their services by providing the hardware, customized software, and staff training without the large upfront cost. Health care providers sign up to pay-per-visit charge depending on the volume of the facility

Benefits of Micro Health Initiative Electronic Medical Records Systems

  • Software is customized for each health care provider based on their requirements
  • Continued technical support & software updates
  • Improves flow of patients, patient history and quality of service (proper cash management and fast, quality health care services)
  • No upfront investment required by clinic

Jaffery Charitable Medical Services, Moshi Upendo, St Joseph Hospital, Maryland, TPC Hospital, Care Plus, Moshi Health Centre, COGI-Majengo- These are just some of the hospitals and medical centers in Kilimanjaro who are already benefiting from our electronic medical records. If you are interested and with our comprehensive medical records system, contact us today to learn how you too can revolutionise your operations.

We also allow insurance companies, employers and families to connect to our EMR upon authorization.

MHI EMR system also supports the following services:

  • Online Claims Submission 

  • Electronic Sick Sheet signage

  • E-Que, you do not have to get to the hospital to que, you can join the que from home and only move to the hospital when your token is close.

  • E-Appointments

Why Micro Health Cover?

92% of Tanzanians have no access to health cover and always have to pay out of pocket when in need of health care. This leaves them vulnerable to inferior services and at times no access to services at all resulting to self medication, witchcraft or divine intervention. Upon this realization Micro Health Initiative created this intervention that ensures that at an affordable amount per year low income earners can access health care at all times. Join Now!