Micro Health Initiative (MHI) is a social business that provides affordable health cover to low and middle-income earners across Tanzania. Partnering with AAR Insurance, MHI delivers the micro insurance model of health insurance targeting the un insurable low income groups. Since 2013, MHI has been piloting health micro insurance products in the seven districts of Kilimanjaro. In 2017, together with AAR Insurance Tanzani, MHI is set to scale it's operations across Tanzania.

Micro Health Initiative has three tiered products covering a range of different services at varying price points from Tzs 30,000–220,000.

Additionally, MHI provides Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions to clinics in the Kilimanjaro Region to improve effectiveness and quality of their operations. The ultimate goal of MHI is to do business across the health care sector providing much needed access to quality health insurance that is affordable for the low-income earners of the populace.

Registered in 2013, for the benefit of Tanzanians, MHI’s efforts in affordable health access, maternal care and access to pre-financed health services complements the government of Tanzania efforts in health care delivery.

The NGO is riding on the strength of emerging mobile smart technology to reduce the cost of health care delivery and at the same time improve the quality of administration.

Why Micro Health Cover?

Health insurance coverage is very low in Tanzania, as reports indicate that as much as 92% of Tanzanians do not have access to health insurance and affordable healthcare. Low insurance coverage leads to overreliance on direct payments to clinics upon receipt of care.

This is a fundamental problem in the healthcare system as many people simply can’t afford the care they and their families require, or are delaying treatment until it makes more financial sense.

Why Micro Health Cover?

92% of Tanzanians have no access to health cover and always have to pay out of pocket when in need of health care. This leaves them vulnerable to inferior services and at times no access to services at all resulting to self medication, witchcraft or divine intervention. Upon this realization Micro Health Initiative created this intervention that ensures that at an affordable amount per year low income earners can access health care at all times. Join Now!