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Health insurance cover options

  This is a product developed for the very low income earners, it offers only outpatient services to the providers from the level of dispensary to district hospitals. Members can access benefits up to 500,000 Tzs and the product pricing is 30000 Tzs per person per year.
  This product is designed for low and middle level income people. It offers both inpatient and outpatient services up to the level of regional hospital and later this year it will be accepted in the selected referral hospitals. Members can access benefits up to 1,500, 000 and the product pricing is 60000 Tzs per person per year.
  This product is designed for families up to the family size of 4 people It allows them to share benefit of 3000000 Tzs up to the level of referral hospital. The family size must depict a typical family of father, Mother and 2 children. The product pricing is 160,000 for the people for the whole year.
  This is an aspirational girls only product for ages 10-24 years , after having noticed the difficulties in disseminating insurance knowledge to the adult population, we have decided to come up with a special segment product for the girls. Girls being the future mothers will grow into adulthood with full realization of the importance of insurance in their lives. In addition to normal health access, Dadacard offers other value added benefits such a free Dadapack containing some free gift for the girls use, access to the hospital via appointments, access to free counselling services and utilization of youth friendly services.


In all of our products, we envisage  several areas where we could aggregate our efforts with those of the government. For example in insurance education, health awareness, inter facility use across inter districts etc.


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