To MHI this service is known as safe patient transport, to the public it is called an ambulance. MHI plans to provide affordable and coordinated ambulance services to members of the plan and non-members at an affordable annual fee. Members pay a small amount per year to be accorded ambulance services from the health care provider or in case of pre allowed conditions from home, within a radius of 10 km. Non-members will be charged depending on where they want services. The service is coordinated with emergency care at all hospitals so that the patients receive fast tracked service on arrival.

NB: We aim to have the MHI Ambulance services in operation at the end of 2017.

Why Micro Health Cover?

92% of Tanzanians have no access to health cover and always have to pay out of pocket when in need of health care. This leaves them vulnerable to inferior services and at times no access to services at all resulting to self medication, witchcraft or divine intervention. Upon this realization Micro Health Initiative created this intervention that ensures that at an affordable amount per year low income earners can access health care at all times. Join Now!